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This course discusses the tools that WeatherTRAK has to help a User find, understand, troubleshoot and test the WeatherTRAK Alerts that the system has generated.  This training includes demonstrations of the Alert Manangement Tools available at the controller interface in the field, on the app at WeatherTRAK Mobile 3, and online at WeatherTRAK Central. Read More

This is the most basic WeatherTRAK training, designed to provide a high level introduction to the management capabilities of the WeatherTRAK System for all different types of potential WeatherTRAK Users. In this session we discuss and demonstrate WeatherTRAK feature management, displaying the three different WeatherTRAK System platforms including; the controller interface, WeatherTRAK Central, and WeatherTRAK Mobile. We also discuss the most frequently asked questions about basic WeatherTRAK management, like the WeatherTRAK Smart (or weather based) Irrigation programming or WeatherTRAK Alerts. We finish the training session by discussing next steps in HydroPoint University training, as well as other customer support options. Read More

Discussion in Spanish, about the WeatherTRAK Smart Water Management System. This course covers the basic information about WeatherTRAK features including Weather Based Irrigation Schedules, Alert and Flow Management features. Training includes demonstrations of each of the three ways users access the system - WeatherTRAK Mobile, WeatherTRAK Central, and on the WeatherTRAK Controller.  Also highlighted in this training is some of WeatherTRAK Spanish Speaking Support Tools. Read More

The first step in the Certified OptiFlow Training this course introduces the OptiFlow Solution.  Read More

Level 2 of the Certified OptiFlow Training discusses the process and vocabulary involved with OptiFlow Site Assessment and qualifying your irrigation system hardware before installing the OptiFlow features. Read More

The third level of the OptiFlow Certified Training will discuss the installation and programming of the OptiFlow Features.  Read More

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